Real-time strategy (RTS) games haven’t been explored by many players due to their infamously complex gameplay that appeals only those who are into the genre.

Curious players, however, should not shy away from it as there are games that can introduce you to enjoy the genre without coming off intimidating.

Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty

Review: Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty - Slant Magazine

From the same developers of the classic RTS game “Warcraft,” Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty is the most recommended for newbies who want to get started, firstly introducing you to tutorials and challenges before trudging online with actual players.

But for those wanting to check out the game, you can stick around with the Story campaign mode available for free.

Glory Defenders

A simple, fast-paced, 8-bit RTS game where you must defend your castle and destroy the enemy units consisting of six mobile units and four buildings.

It comes with difficulty levels you can pass through, making things easier to get into the gameplay and understand the mechanics at your own pace.


Leadersheep revolves on strategically placing fortresses in the city, playing as the rebel group leader vowed to take down the evil dictator trying to take over the town and brainwash the residents.

The game boasts neat graphics, a sense of humor, and a beginner-friendly gameplan for those non-hardcore gamers of the genre.


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