With the announcement of a new program that lets PlayStation gamers enjoy more games while at home, Sony released 10 titles now up for grabs this year. 

To go live on March 25, the PlayStation community can get their hands on indie partners and developers’ games, which are: 


An underwater adventure game developed by Giant Squid studios- the same creators Journey, Flower, and The Pathless. Explore the mystical world under the sea, whether be the sea creatures or lost ancient ruins, at your own flow.

Enter the Gungeon

A bullet-hell, dungeon-crawler game developed by Dodge Roll. It follows a gang of misfits going out of their chaotic ways to claim the legendary Gungeon’s ultimate treasure: the gun that can kill the past.

Rez Infinite

A musical rail shooter developed by United Game Artists. It involves an immersive journey mixed with sights, sounds, and shooting. The game is remastered and upgraded to fit for PS4 and PlayStation VR, allowing you to see the action right before your eyes.


A single-player action-adventure puzzle game now available to play through the VR platform. You will meet a young mouse named Quill, who has ambitions beyond what her settlement can offer. Upon taking a venture through the woods, Quill discovers a Glass Relic that reveals ancient magic. 

The Witness

Another single-player open-world game set on an island where players explore dozens of locations and solve over 500 puzzles. Each puzzle will not be the same as the last, making each problem-solving experience unique in every way.


A viral diving survival action-adventure game developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. You are stuck in an alien ocean world, with the only way to get through is by going underwater. 


A rhythm game brimming with action, speed, and honest-to-goodness brutality. You play as a space beetle racing against the never-ending abyss and beating a maniacal space monster from the future. 

Paper Beast

Paper Beast is a virtual reality game set in a forest of lost Internet data, as the title implies. You get to explore the world inhabited by exotic and interesting creatures, all the while shaping your environment and challenge yourself with obstacles and puzzles.  

Astro Bot Rescue Mission

A VR-enabled video game where you get to experience what a platformer is supposed to be. You control Astro in a mission to rescue his crew, relying on timely jumps and patient surveyance as you go on finding secrets every step of the way. 

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition

An action role-playing game created by Guerrilla Games. The story follows a young hunter named Aloy living in a world dominated by machines, taking on a journey to know about her past. It will be available for free on April 19 and May 14. 



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