A Filipino-based fighting game, “BAYANI,” will be introducing a new fighter to its roster: Lolang Tsora, inspired by the Philippine historical figure named Melchora Aquino or Tandang Sora, known as the Grand Woman of the Revolution or the Mother of Balintawak.

The new character, Lolang Tsora, is also an older woman with a unique fighting style that comes with an arsenal of powerful arcane tools in an offset to her slow movement and poor health.

“Tsora’s attacks can be categorized into three distinct magic types: Light Magic that draws power from the Moon and pushes opponents away; Dark Flames that draw from an ethereal Bakunawa and burns enemies; and Combined Light and Dark Magic that hits enemies multiple times for devastating damage,” divulged Philippine developer Ranida Games.

Now the fighting game has a total of eight fighters to choose from:

  • Joe (Jose Rizal)
  • Dre (Andres Bonifacio)
  • Oria (Gregoria de Jesús)
  • Tonio (Antonio Luna)
  • Leon (Emilio Aguinaldo)
  • Rio (Apolinario Mabini)
  • Fernando (Ferdinand Magellan)
  • Lolang Tsora (Melchora Aquino a.k.a. Tandang Sora)

But “BAYANI” is not over with its surprises, as Ranida Games plan to release a secret ninth character as free DLC in the future.

With the new character release, the studio is now focusing on improving the game’s other modes and features, such as the Story Mode, an updated Arcade Mode, and an enhanced training room.

For more information about the game or hooked with the game, check “BAYANI” out on Steam. A free demo is also available on Itch.io.


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