Discord, a server-based group messaging platform used widely by hobbyists and gamers alike, is receiving another wave of phishing links this time of the year. Scams range from offering free Nitro to inviting someone to join NFT-based servers.

Normally, Moderators will warn their users not to engage nor click on any links that are associated with any of the above. However, sometimes, public warnings may come too late and be victimized by the said scams without their knowledge. 

For fellow Discord users out there who may have little to no idea how to determine scammy links, here are the helpful tips to spare you the trouble:

Be wary of strangers directly messaging you. This means random messages from people you don’t know on Discord, especially messages involving links or even those inviting you to join a server. Better treat random DMs from strangers as dangerous and leave it on ‘read’ instead. 

Be cautious from direct messages of your friend too. Scammers can slide into your friends’ messages and send the phishing link in some way or another. So if something like that happens to you, do not ever click the links! Instead, ask your friend if they have sent the link on purpose. Informing them means determining if a hacking incident did happen within your private messages- or public messages of your friends for that matter.

Speaking of public, also be careful of links announced or sent on public channels. Not kidding. There are incidents wherein even admins are used to lure in users to click on suspicious links, when the admin themselves aren’t aware of their accounts being used. Consider any announcements or public messages red flags by default if they offer free Nitro. 

Leverage your message scanning settings. While Discord has a long way to go to remove scams in its platform, they have provided ways to dissuade potential scams. First, go to your personal Discord account Settings and head to the “Privacy & Safety” section, where you will spot “Safe Direct Messaging.” Set it to the highest level of security by selecting “keep me safe.” This way, the app will scan all of your DMs you receive for levels of suspiciousness. 

If you have any of these experiences, make sure to report them so Discord would know and act on them as soon as possible. It would help stop from receiving scams for good and prevent other potential victims in the future.


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