Trusted brand Philips Monitors is finally venturing to the gaming monitor market through its two latest models. Set your eyes on Philips Gaming, the new product line catered towards gamers compatible for PC and console. Philips Gaming 242E1GSJ and Philips Gaming 272E1GSJ, in 24” and 27” screen sizes, respectively, feature top-class amenities that gamers will truly appreciate.

The Philips Momentum line will also be under the Philips Monitors banner, which has been used by many consumers for gaming before the company had embraced its calling as a monitor for the gaming community. Philips Gaming will be releasing two new Momentum Monitors: the Philips Momentum 242M8 and 272M8.

Philips Gaming 242E1GSJ and 272E1GSJ are already available in retail stores. Full details of the Philips Gaming monitor line can be found in the Facebook store. These gaming monitors are also available on the official Lazada store, or directly contact one of our partner dealers to order a Philips Monitor product.

The method of ordering may be different with every partner dealer. Below is the list:

  • Metro Manila
  • Dynaquest PC
  • CKY Planet PC Inc.
  • PC Quarter
  • PC Corner Gilmore
  • Machine and Computer
  • Vivocom
  • Digiserve
  • PCWorx
  • Zenith
  • PC Express
  • Softbox
  • EasyPC
  • QLT

Provincial Luzon

  • Hypertech
  • Benerson
  • Xymbolic
  • Albay Computer


  • TTI
  • Nutech


  • Computerworld
  • PC Gate
  • Biologic


  • 242M8 – ₱10,265.00
  • 272M8 – ₱16,140.00
  • 242E1GSJ – ₱9,540.00
  • 272E1GSJ – ₱15,400.00

For more news and updates, follow Philip Monitors on Facebook, Instagram, and Lazada.


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