Philippine Air Force and PLDT Group. PhilStar.

With wars also shifting digitally, the Philippine Airforce (PAF) has partnered with PLDT to boost the country’s cyber defense, just like what the US Air Force has done in the past.

The PAF has signed an agreement with the PLDT to beef up its cybersecurity measures and readiness, as well as in the infrastructure of information communication.

The partnership includes training the PAF “cyber warriors” with a combination of lectures and hands-on sessions related to cybersecurity with some of the best cybersecurity specialists in the country.

Furthermore, the partnership will also provide PAF access to ePLDT’s Security Operations Center and intelligence platform.

The agreement is also a part of PLDT, Inc. Chairman and CEO Manuel Pangilinan’s efforts as a member of the PAF Multi-Sector Governance Council (PAF-MSGC), an external advisory group assigned to give expert advice on the concerns of the 14-year Philippine Air Force Flight Plan 2028.


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