Smart Communications has launched the first-ever 5G-enabled eSports hub in the Philippines, marking the first-of-its-kind cross-platform gaming exhibition match hosted on the cloud.

This is achieved thanks to the next generation mobile technology’s ultra-low latency and high speeds that can help in the further transformation of the booming eSports industry in the country.

Smart’s 5G services were deployed at the Gariath Concepts eSports venue in Quezon City, boasting speeds of up to 1Gbps.

The telco celebrated its launch by hosting an eSports match between two teams, PLDT-Smart Omega professional eSports team playing DoTA 2 on Smart 5G-certified smartphones versus Team LuponWxC using their gaming PCs.

The match proved that the 5G network could support high-performance online games, and cloud gaming is possible on the network.

Cloud gaming allows games to run on cloud services instead of on local devices.

Games stored in the cloud enable players to play together on a shared server without requiring high-performance gaming PCs or game consoles.

Cloud gaming, however, requires reliable and high-bandwidth Internet connection, which a 5G network can provide.


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