In partnership with the Department of Health (DOH), a recent “knowledge management” tool was launched by the Philippine startup Senti AI to provide smarter automated responses for coronavirus-concerned chatbot providers.

The new AI-assisted tool, in which the information ranging from FAQs to survey questions will be provided by DOH, will be generated into Senti AI’s system. The following data, then, are analyzed and processed to train the system. Google, which powers Senti AI’s system, shared in a statement that AI-assisted tool will “unburden the citizens from sifting through hundreds of documents with different versions of the same policy” all the while DOH receiving the most information updates simultaneously.

Google pointed out the issue of having outdated or delayed updates between the DOH channels and those asking for information. “This means that a citizen or LGU based in the province may receive different versions of the same information from a chatbot or a call center partner,” the company said.

“This will help guarantee that important information communicated by all DOH partners is updated and consistent across all channels,” and that major cities and remote areas “can all be in-sync with the latest and official guidelines.”

The service is hosted on Google Cloud, using various AI technologies such as natural language understanding, intent detection, and entity detection. These technologies is stated to work together in ensuring all chatbots can “intelligently capture the context behind an inquiry and provide the most relevant and up-to-date answers from DOH’s official knowledge source.”

In addition, Senti AI will also provide the application programming interface (API) that the chatbot providers will use to link up to the knowledge management tool.

“The DOH hopes that this effort can mitigate the spread of fake news by providing a reliable and verified source of information that can be accessed by all citizens,” said DOH undersecretary Maria Vergeire. 


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