Photo courtesy of Jasmin Dulay.

Opposition Senator Leila de Lima criticizes the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency’s (PDEA) way of encouraging anyone to openly point fingers at anyone who deemed suspicious of illegal drug activity.

“In an obvious bid to recycle the failed Masa Masid program of the DILG (Department of Interior and Local Government), PDEA this time encourages tipsters to report suspicious drug personalities via their newly-minted Facebook page or through dedicated 24/7 hotline numbers,” said Lima.

Senator de Lima warned the use of PDEA’s Facebook page for its anti-illegal drug campaign is dangerous to the ordinary man as the report moved openly online.

“In the wake of a massive surge of fake accounts on Facebook coupled with the lack of regulations on account creation and verification, we can imagine a corresponding spike in the surreptitious and malicious tagging of just any person as a drug personality, whether real or fake and for whatever reason,” explained de Lima.

De Lima has been detained before for alleged illegal drug-related charges for the past three years.

“Cases such as mine—completely fabricated and bogus—are sure to multiply with such an ill-conceived program,” she added.


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