Although technology evolves with efficiency in mind, there are times when we are still riddled with many tasks to do daily to the point we forget to pay our bills on time.

With the government slowly reactivating the Philippine economy and the pandemic situation becoming less aggravating, 2021 is going to be a busier year. Foreseeing this, GCash has developed a feature that allows users to pay their bills online by setting a schedule.

GCash Scheduled Transfers allows you to plan ahead of time in auto-pilot when it comes to money transfers, such as paying for your utility bills, insurance plans, government transactions, and many others.

This GCash service enables you to schedule repeating real-time weekly or monthly transfers up to five recurring bank transfers for each saved account. You can save a maximum of 20 accounts.

To use this feature right away, follow the following steps:

  • Open GCash.
  • Tap “Send Money.”
  • Choose “Send Money to Bank.”
  • Save bank account details and set up your preferred schedule.

The app will notify you first a day before the transfer goes so you can cancel or update your scheduled transfer, especially when you forgot to cash in.


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