Starting March, Globe subscribers can enjoy better calls, SMS, and data browsing services after the company upgrades its network to 4G LTE in Pampanga, Batangas, Laguna and parts of Cavite.

“Our current target to fast-track our 4G LTE and 5G network builds are meant to give our customers more opportunities to make the most of the new standard in mobile data,” said Joel Agustin, Globe Senior Vice President for Program Delivery, Network Technical Group.

The 4G LTE enables customers to connect to the internet with higher bandwidth or faster data speed from their 4G-compatible phones. This means being able to download music, video, games, web pages, stream video and music within seconds with little to no buffering.

“We want to make the technology available to all Filipinos soon. But our customers also need to do their part, which is to upgrade their old 3G SIM cards to the 5G ready 4G LTE SIM cards now,” said Agustin.

For this reason, Globe customers are encouraged to switch from their 3G phones to the 5G-ready 4G/LTE SIM to enjoy the following benefits. Switching is free at all Globe Stores, and customers can keep their old number.

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