Overwatch League All-Stars Vault
Overwatch League All-Stars previous skins. (Source: Activision Blizzard)

The Overwatch League will bring back its All-Stars skins from past years out of the vault for a chance to claim them again at a limited time!

The previous All-Stars skin comeback may have been to make up for the game not being able to host an All-Stars weekend this year nor new skins to celebrate the event.

To recall, releasing new unique Legendary skins and epic elemental themes in every All-Stars festivities. For this year, however, players will have the chance to complete their collection by bringing the previous skins once more.

There are six All-Stars skins released so far, which are of the following:

  • 2018 Atlantic All-Stars Trace
  • 2018 Pacific All-Stars Genj
  • 2019 Atlantic All-Stars Merc
  • 2019 Pacific All-Stars Lúci
  • 2020 Gaia Reinhar
  • 2020 Celestial D.Va

As these are limited time only, Overwatch League All-Stars Vault will only be available up to September 26, 2021. Each costs 200 League Tokens, which fans can earn by watching Overwatch League broadcasts throughout the playoffs. In addition, there will be a Grand Finals matches coming up on September 25, a day before the deadline.

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