Innovation is the bread and butter of every organization thus, the need to thrive for innovation should be at the heart of every successful business. In a greater sense, innovation is an outside of the box thinking – it is a discipline that should spread across the organization.

Seeking this as an opportunity, Oracle recently launched the world’s first autonomous data warehouse in its goal to fully provide its best services.

“We are in an innovation point where companies can no longer just keep to tweaking persistence the fundamental nature break about innovation and technology.”  Pointed out Kirsten Gilbertson, Director, Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Business Development during a small group discussion last March 6.

Oracle is revolutionizing how data is managed through the introduction of its “self-driving” database. Its desire to fully integrate artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain technology into its cloud-based services across its portfolio have fueled Oracle to launch the world’s first Autonomous Data Warehouse.

This ground-breaking technology automates management to deliver unprecedented availability, performance, and security — at a significantly lower cost.

More than that, it is the first step to Oracle’s future plan of integrating machine learning capabilities and artificial intelligence across all of its cloud-based applications.

It is a common knowledge among organizations that in the knowledge business, data is the currency.

“The heart of being data-driven is having a very quickly-scalable and quickly-inter-manageable data max in data warehouse and that is where data warehouse starts.” Added Gilbertson.