Oracle announced its new additions to the Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud portfolio. Part of Oracle Cloud Applications Release 13, the latest release of Oracle HCM Cloud introduces three new applications, major user experience enhancements, and extensions to existing HR modules. New innovations include powerful artificial intelligence (AI)-based recruiting features, as well as new health and safety and governance and risk capabilities.

To successfully manage and retain the best talent, organizations need access to the right technology to optimize the employee experience and anticipate and respond to changing workforce needs. The latest release of Oracle HCM Cloud empowers HR professionals to meet this challenge by combining all major HR functions on one platform to enable collaboration, optimize talent management, provide complete workforce insights, increase operational efficiency, and make it easy for everyone to connect on any device.

The latest additions to Oracle HCM Cloud incorporate simple but powerful features that enable organizations to leverage the latest innovations to anticipate and plan for the future. By combining innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) and user experience with major enhancements to core HR modules, we are able to help HR leaders drive digital transformation and positive business outcomes.

Chris Leone, Senior Vice President, Oracle Applications Development

Oracle HCM Cloud has been at the forefront of AI technologies with earlier investments in predictive analytics and machine learning, which are already used to power recommendations used in Career Development and Oracle Learning Cloud. In this latest release, Oracle is extending the power of AI to inform recruitment efforts in the following ways:

  • Candidates can access helpful chatbots to discover more information about positions of interest and the company’s recruiting process, helping increase candidate engagement and conversion.
  • Algorithmic insights help users make better decisions throughout the application, from highlighting best-fit candidates to hiring managers, suggesting other possible career opportunities for candidates, and predicting candidate offer acceptance to recruiters. Oracle AI leverages company talent data, as well as candidate information, to guide the process and improve the likelihood of success.

With the latest release of Oracle HCM Cloud, Oracle is making the industry’s broadest cloud-based human capital management suite more powerful and easy to use. New products included in the latest release of Oracle HCM Cloud are:

  • Oracle Recruiting Cloud: A new recruiting solution built natively on Oracle HCM Cloud, Oracle Recruiting Cloud provides more robust sourcing and comprehensive recruiting capabilities. Recruiting organizations will be able to drive proactive campaigns and identify future pipelines of talent ahead of demand. Internal employee candidates will be able to benefit from increased access to internal opportunities and potential career paths available in a company to see how they fit with existing skills, career preferences and new learning opportunities available to increase their likelihood of success at a company. External job candidates can access helpful chatbots to discover more information about positions of interest and the company’s recruiting process to help increase candidate engagement and conversion. Human resources information technology (HRIT) organizations will benefit from the streamlined administration and ongoing maintenance that comes with everything being on a common platform, helping to eliminate challenges of account management, single sign-on, data integrations and reporting. All users will benefit from new algorithmic data surfacing and chatbots that help improve recommendations and overall decision support.
  • Workforce Health and Safety Incident Management: Provides organizations with a quick and easy-to-use solution to manage accidents or unsafe conditions in order to best align with organizational safety goals. Features include incident management, capturing critical event information with tailored data based on the type of incident reported, ability to track actions to remediate the root cause of the safety issue, safety dashboards, and reporting support to help ensure proper action is taken and is compliant with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) U.S. standards. Ideal for workplaces that involve heavy manual labor where health and safety risks are a key concern such as manufacturing and supply chain, construction and engineering or automotive.
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance: Helps organizations identify, remediate, monitor, and manage risk by streamlining governance and compliance initiatives. It deters employees from exploiting the system through clearer segregation of duties and more security features to prevent potential fraudulent activities.

In addition to the new applications, Oracle has also introduced major user experience enhancements and significant additions to existing Oracle HCM Cloud modules. The new user experience puts the needs and experiences of users at the center of the design in a way that’s consistent, simple, and intuitive. The new design delivers a warm and approachable HR tool that people can use—it’s fast, familiar, and easy—mirroring platforms they are accustomed to using everyday as consumers, but now appearing in enterprise applications. It provides a common experience across all devices, including mobile, so business information can be accessed at all times; meanwhile, the instinctive user experience enables seamless and simple interactions with artificial intelligence built in to provide users with customized recommendations so they only see data that is adapted for them, such as role, location, and business. Users can complete self-service transactions and inquiries to help maintain data accuracy in the system to increase user participation and engagement. The new contemporary look and feel also enables organizations to more easily make customizations to best match their brand, corporate culture, and other enterprise software—from logos to color schemes.

Additions to existing Oracle HCM Cloud modules include:

  • My Volunteering: Enables employees to identify volunteer projects their organization supports and quickly enroll.
  • Knowledge Management: A new addition to Oracle HR Help Desk Cloud provides simple and convenient ways for people to get access to large amounts of information stored in the enterprise.
  • Anytime Feedback: Increases employee communication by providing quick feedback on any employee at any time. Users can provide recognition or send real-time feedback to help better inform performance management, talent reviews, and succession management.