Christmas is not only a season of joy but also a door of opportunity for cybercriminals. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, do expect online scams to spike up amid the holiday season.

For this reason, being wary of online scams can help you and your loved ones prevent cybercriminals from letting them ruin the holiday vibe.

Here are some of the most common scams you might encounter:

Fake online orders

On one random evening, you might receive a text message about confirming the order of an item you bought online.

The problem is you never ordered anything but the text message suggests that you click the link provided to cancel the order that doesn’t exist.

Do not, I repeat, do not click on that link as it might redirect you to a fake website that asks for your banking details to use it for identity theft or fraudulent purchases.

Cloned websites

You must’ve heard at least one or two incidents that some fake websites are disguised as legitimate sites to lure netizens into thinking they’re visiting the real one.

This can happen when you browse the Internet or visit e-commerce platforms to shop online.

The key to knowing whether websites are a clone or not is by looking at the web address or the URL of the site.

A website is secure if the address starts with “https” and has a lock symbol before it.

Familiarize yourself with the original web address of the website you frequently visit.

For example, is the right site for Lazada but should be glaringly suspicious to you.

Misleading advertising

The holiday season comes with generous offers and the best deals on premium items. It should be noted, however, that online ads should not be fully trusted, even if they all come from Facebook or through other legitimate apps.

Some online ads would tempt you to get your hands on exclusive deals on a new gadget or buy a pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing all your life, but you should hold back.

Check first if these ads come from authorized sellers or straight from the brand you trust.


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