The National Telecommunication Commission (NTC) recently failed to participate in a virtual Senate hearing, raising doubts on its capability to fulfill its role in implementing online learning for the coming school year.

“The NTC should have the strongest signal. I think you’re just here in Metro Manila. NTC, you don’t have any signal. Are you still practicing state of the art technology?” Senator Francis Tolentino asked.

Committee Chair Senator Sherwin Gatchalian lamented when the NTC experienced technical problems connecting to the hearing.

“It’s unfortunate that your connection is failing because Sen. Tolentino’s queries are good. Continue to fix it so we’ll be confident with the online learning in the Philippines,” said Gatchalian.

On Thursday, NTC Deputy Commissioner Edgardo Cabarios couldn’t connect to the Senate primary education committee’s hybrid hearing on the implementation of online and distance learning in the country.


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