Switch Online adds Gameboy titles

There’s a strong report that Nintendo will bring its Gameboy and Gameboy Color titles to Switch Online. 

This is according to rumors from the “Nate the Hate” podcast. Unfortunately, there’s no mention of what Gameboy titles would arrive in Switch Online. 

While it may be a spark of hope, the company hasn’t been so forth bringing in its old titles. For one, Nintendo has been very slow in adding NES and SNES titles in Switch. Famous classic games like Earthbound and Chrono Trigger are still not around up to this day.

But at the same time, the rumor is not unfounded, considering that Nintendo’s competitors are capitalizing on remakes, remasters, and next-gen patches that refresh older games to their newer consoles. So it’s reasonable to say that the company is eyeing on making a classic comeback of its own with Gamboy, especially that they haven’t offered anything to celebrate its Game Boy’s 30th anniversary.

Nintendo, however, stayed tight-lipped on this matter, so it’s only speculations after speculations. What fans can only do is to hope against hope that this is happening without their knowledge.

Nintendo Switch Online

Subscribing to Switch Online gets players to access online play in supported games and a growing library of classic NES and Super NES titles. The membership fee comes in a range of prices: USD3.99(~PHP200) monthly and USD19.99(~PHP1,000) yearly.


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