Hard drives and servers as storage are becoming less common these days as cloud storage becomes more prevalent with the growing need for more efficient backup storage.

Cloud storage allows users to store photos, videos, documents, and other digital files in a series of physical offsite servers called “cloud.” It’s much more popular to use due to its free features and ample storage capacity and reasonable pricing.

Here is a list of our recommendations:

Google Drive

Google Drive is the best free cloud storage you could have. It’s the most-used cloud storage for both personal and business use, featuring a user-friendly interface and cross-platform capabilities.

You get free 15GB storage as a starter and you can semi-cheat to earn more by creating more Google accounts. The basic plan costs less than P90 monthly that comes with 30GB of storage space.


MEGA comes with free 50GB storage space and you can get more by installing the platform on your desktop and mobile device.

MEGA is notable for its security features such as end-to-end encryption. It also has a neat and easy-to-navigate interface, though its simplicity makes it lacking the applications you would expect from Google Drive.

The fee-based version of this cloud storage for backing up data and storing essential files costs P285 monthly and comes with a hefty 400GB storage size.


Don’t like monthly subscriptions? Then pCloud might be your ideal cloud storage as it offers lifetime access by paying up just once.

With pCloud, you get to have your personal cloud space to permanently store all your files and folders on your mobile or desktop.

You got two pCloud options: 500GB lifetime storage for around P8,500 and 500GB annual plan for P2,500.


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