The international nonprofit organization National Geographic Society released an emergency fund for journalists across the globe impacted by the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic within their own communities, with grants of between $1,000 and $8,000.

“This fund will place particular emphasis on delivering news to underserved populations, particularly where there is a dearth of evidence-based information getting to those who need it. We are interested in local and even hyper-local distribution models,” the media agency said on its website.

The emergency fund is welcome for writers, photographers, videographers, audio journalists, cartographers, filmmakers, and data visualization experts, which anyone of said occupation can apply on their website.

“We also ask that recipients of this funding prioritize the health of yourselves and the communities in which you work. Many journalists are accustomed to putting themselves in harm’s way in pursuit of a story. We ask that you not only consider all precautions to protect yourself but that of the people you are covering as well,” the media company reminded.

Journalists are also considered as frontliners in the crisis, as they encounter a high risk of exposure to cover news and stories.

Just this week CNN anchor Chris Cuomo tested positive for COVID-19. On March 29, CBS journalist Maria Mercader died of the coronavirus.