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Online music streaming apps are your new iPod and they offer nearly all song that you could find from your hometown to different parts of the world.

Using these apps comes with a cost, of course, but there are plenty of them that allow you to enjoy music streaming at an affordable price.

Here are our top recommendations to help you get your music fix anytime and anywhere:

Youtube Music (Android, iOS, Web)

Following the removal of Google Play Music, Youtube Music is the new standard for Android, on which all music selections will be the same as the one found on the YouTube platform.

YouTube Music comes with an advanced search feature to look for a specific song based on their lyrics.

Although it has a free version that general, YouTube Music’s Premium version offers a 1-month free trial that will cost P129 monthly afterward.

The paid version allows you to download your favorite tunes and stream them without ads.

Spotify (Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux)

The most popular music streaming app, Spotify houses not only songs but also podcasts, both of which you can put together in a playlist.

You don’t have to pay up to use the app, but if you want more control over it, then you will have to.

New users who will subscribe are availed of a one month free grace period before paying up P129 every month.

Apple Music (Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Web, Chrome OS)

Apple Music offers a free three-month trial to check out the service and how it would fit for you.

Afterward, you will have to pay P129 per month or pay P199 for the Family Plan if you like the service.

Apple Music is available on iOS and Android with more than 70 million songs, housing more than how much Spotify can handle.

If you’re looking for even the most underrated or obsolete music, you can subscribe to Apple Music.

Deezer (Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Web, BlackBerry OS)

Deezer streams songs with lyrics, videos, podcasts, original content, and even live radio.

Apart from the free version, its Premium+ costs P129 that gives users a seamless listening experience without ads.

Hardcore audiophiles, however, might still find the app wanting as it only delivers CD-quality music.

Idagio (Android, iOS, Web) 

Never like popular music? Idagio only fancies classical music that can be enjoyed in all its full glory, thanks to its modern sound quality.

Classical music fans will also have an exceptional time spent through its useful search tools and offline downloads.


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