Virtual music group STUN
Moonton announces a debut of new virtual music group, "S.T.U.N," featuring MLBB heroes Chou, Selena, and Brody.

Moonton launches Mobile legends 515-E Party event starting on May 15  while also debuting a new virtual music group that features MLBB heroes called, “S.T.U.N.”

The worldwide online event will feature different kinds of in-game and online activities to enjoy as well, including winning free heroes, scoring elite skins, and much more!

Mobile Legends 515-E party jingles the phrase, “Together We Achieve More,” a commemoration of fellowship and teamwork in any given challenges.

Moonton added the MLBB will also have its new virtual music group called, “S.T.U.N,” which is short for “Strength, Tactic, Unite, and Novel” that speaks for all players of the game. The group features Chou, Selena, and Brody. Of course, this also means new skins, voice lines, effects, and a new soundtrack.

What’s more, MLBB fans can get to see their heroes perform live on May 8, starring dancer and rapper Chou, lead vocalist Selena and DJ Brody.

Finally, there will be lots of rewards coming up in the much-anticipated Mobile Legends 515-E party:

• Free new hero from May 1 – May 16
• Free 515 Exclusive skin from May 13 – May 31
• Awesome skin chest and limited skin comeback from May 11 to May 20
• Guaranteed free elite skins from May 15 to May 17
• Players can win all heroes and skins on May 15
• Diamonds to be given away during the event and a chance to win up to 9999 diamonds by inviting friends to join
• Discount coupons to be given until May 16
• S.T.U.N skins out by April 27 until June 15
• 55% off on MLBB in-game items from May 12 to May 16

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