Microsoft announced in its blog post of a new mobile application called Family Safety app, meant to keep family members connected and provide digital and physical well-being. The app is now available in iOS and Android for a preview only.

The mobile app is designed for families that provide parents the tools to track children’s activities such as screen time across any gadgets and platforms, as well as their current physical location. Aside from digital activity monitoring, parents also have the authority to control what they do with their gadgets.

Microsoft’s Family Safety app in preview version has four main functions:

  • Activity reporting. The app comes with a dashboard that gives the parents information about their children’s online activity: total screen time, most visited websites, and most-searched-for terms. This type of tracking aimed to “help facilitate a dialogue on healthy digital choices and begin developing good habits from a young age.”
  • Screen time limits. Parents can set a specific duration period on how long their children can use platforms, be it games or apps.
  • Content controls. Parents can set online boundaries to keep their children from accidentally going into websites or apps that contain inappropriate content.
  • Location sharing. Parents or users of the app can also see real-time locations of other family members on an integrated map. Frequently visited areas can be labeled accordingly.

The Family Safety app is yet to be commercially available worldwide and is currently available to a limited number of users for a limited amount of time. However, interested testers may sign up to experience all these tools for numbered slots.


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