Meta updates Privacy Center in Facebook


Meta recently announced that it had updated the Privacy Center in Facebook, a section for users to learn more about how it collects and uses data and figure out how to navigate the platform’s privacy settings.

Basically, it serves as a guide for users to more or less understand how the company’s user data collecting and usage works. This new version will have five categories:

  • Security: You can brush up on account security, set up tools like two-factor authentication or learn more about how Meta fights data scraping. 
  • Sharing: You can visit this guide if you have questions about who sees what you post, or how you can clean up old posts on your profile using tools like Manage Activity.  
  • Collection: Learn about the different types of data that Meta collects and how you can view that data through tools like Access Your Information.  
  • Use: Learn more about how and why we use data and explore the controls we offer to manage how your information is used.
  • Ads: Learn more about how your information is used to determine the ads you see and make use of ad controls like Ad Preferences.

For now, this new version is available to some users via Facebook desktop but will soon roll out to more people and apps in “the coming months.”

With this new Privacy Center, it would be helpful for users, especially once this will roll out worldwide, considering that Facebook privacy settings could be jarring to most. 

Users will have access to the new Privacy Center if they can access it in Settings > Privacy. 

Meta also informed that it would add more guides and controls to the new Center in the future.