MAZDA 2 | Power and Soul in a Car


As a sign of a growing economy, more people are capable of buying their own vehicle not only for business but for themselves.

In 2015, the sold unit of compact cars and sedans are quite large. Most buyers are looking cars that will give great value for money. However some care manufacturers tend to reduce the quality of their sedans.

Mazda Philippines encourage us to experience their new Mazda 2 SkyActiv vehicles. Different Mazda SkyActiv models were assigned to the participants. The challengers need to go to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar Hotel in Bataan accompanied with Shell FuelSave as the official gasoline.

The model of Mazda 2 is slightly similar to Mazda 3 and 6, considering that it is also has a Mazda Kodo Design Philosophy. This gave Mazda 2 and energetic and stylish look with its class. And to show style, inside the dashboard in the black on black set uo with a red accent. While to give you a strong impression and ideal thought of a vehicle the exhaust vents for the A/C are shaped and similar to airline jets.


Mazda 2 SkyActiv S Radio System

The base model SkyActive S’ radio system is the only gripe we see. Ofcourse you can have your steering controls available, but pairing it with your device’s bluetooth can be a chore given you don’t have an LCD display. With clear and loud audio wise that is highly appreciated, but lacks of bit of bass in our taste.

The rules were, with the provided hand map, we need to drive the Mazda 2 SkyActiv in the real world economy situations. With the A/C at optimal strength while maintaining the suggested speed of 70-90kph. Reloading of gas will only be conducted to the nearest Shell station in Las Casas.

Agile, the best word to describe Mazda 2 driving experience. As the participants were starters, the steering wheel is very reponsive even to the moat slightest rotation. Mazda 2 SkyActiv Technology is what sets it to other small sized sedans in the market. SkyActiv Technology is a completely new approach of Mazda’s advance vehicle engineering, more than just delivering fuel economy. Overall, the aim is to deliver a lighter, stronger, fuel economy, and more responsive Mazda sedans than before.
With the responsive steering wheel, another thing here is acceleration.

We had our lunch at Texas Joe in Subic Bay Freeport.


The participants were thrilled how fast and strong the engine’s response when it aims to accelerating, overtaking is easy, you can simply rev up from 60km/h to 100km/h in a second. The experience were different with Mazda 2 sport mode, according to the participants. The acceleration of sports mode makes the car more sensitive and lets you change gears with power. The participants experience a more responsive; faster experience with the sports mode. Just have in mind that sports mode isn’t really fuel friendly.

The participants started the challenge for the fuel economy upon leaving the Shell NLEX. The participants pass through NLEX SCTEX and Subic, the participants tried to maintain a speed of 80kph which delivers the engine of 1,700, the lowest the participants could find.

Narrow roads were present from Subic to Bataan. One of the participants said its were some practive their racing skills as te roads are narrow and has a lot of curves, and sharp curves.

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar Hotel is a revival of Spanish era where houses in many places in the Philippines were transfered or replicated to create a multi-hectare land, to show the old and cultural heritage of the Philippines.

The winner of the SkyActiv Challenge is the team or Marlon Magtira and Azrael Coladilla. They got a whopping more than 35Km/L.

The participants were definitely impressed with the new Mazda 2 SkyActive. From handling to design, fuel economy and ride comfort is definitely better than most small sized sedans the participants had experienced. The price is wise and might still want you to get other brand but investing is more worth.

The prices for Mazda 2 SkyActiv

  • Sky Activ S 4DR M/T – 748, 000
  • Sky Activ S 4DR A/T – 795, 000
  • Sky Activ V 4DR A/T – 865, 000
  • Sky Activ R 4DR A/T – 925, 000
  • Sky Activ V 5DR A/T – 855, 000
  • Sky Activ SPEED A/T – 975, 000

Optional : 16, 800 for Soul Red color

Colors Available : Soul Red, Black Mica, Aluminum Metalic, Snowflake White Pearl Mica, Titanium Flash, Dynamic Blue, Metropolitan Grey, Arctic White.