2021 Marketing trends businesses must follow

(Source: Unsplash)

With the pandemic drastically influencing customer and brand interactions, a new report was released about the emerging marketing trends in consumer conversations to follow as of 2021.

Enterprise listening company Talkwalker and business review platform Trustpilot released the State of Conversation 2021, enumerating key trends that are important in creating a customer-based marketing strategy in brands:

Brands need to humanize customer engagement and optimize customer experiences

The onset of COVID-19 boosted online interactions, which includes how brands run their businesses. In effect, consumers have been looking for more human contact and support due to this technology-driven development.

Technology & digital transformation is a must to adapt to the new normal

Figures showed that businesses see their brand as highly data-driven. Experts identify technology as vital in 2021 to make sense of sentiment around their brand, their competitors, or their industry to some extent.

Speed to insights is critical to understand changing consumer demands

In addition to the key points above, businesses saw the need for leaders to break down information barriers to determine and understand consumer demands’ rapid changes. Businesses need to hear more from customers, as customers are the ones calling the shots.

According to the report, leading businesses believed that the lack of analysis levels is the main problem in tracking effective consumer conversation in the Philippines. With that said, 92% of Philippine PR, Marketing and Consumer Insights professionals also believed that the pandemic has changed their understanding of consumer conversation.

Read the the State of Conversation 2021 report for more details here.