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Since the onset of the pandemic, Filipinos have been familiarizing themselves with technology. This means that we are coping with the new normal with new means.

For those who don’t find physical planners cost-efficient or eco-friendly, they can go digital by just using planning apps.

Here are our top recommendations:

Google Calendar (iOS and Android)

Google Calendar a cross-platform app which can be integrated with other Google apps like Google Tasks.

Google Calendar’s minimalist design comes with useful functions fitting for any tight situation— may it be beating a deadline, planning months ahead, or using it as a timer to remind you that your steamed rice is done. Another good thing about this app is that you can also share it with other users.

Perhaps one of the few cons of using Google Calendar is that it only provides the bare essentials. In terms of its sharing feature, recipients would need to have their Google account as well. Google Calendar also lacks a feature where you can link it with third-party apps.

TeuxDeux (Mac, iOS)

TeuxDeux is the app for those who doesn’t want to stray away from a digital paper planner’s look, all the while being user-friendly. It displays your tasks five days in advance, drags tasks around to your wish, and even allows you to make lists for the future (such as shopping lists).

One thing to note though you will have to pay a bit; you can check it out with its one-month free trial if it doesn’t work for you.

Todoist (Mac, iOS, Android, Windows)

Todoist is an all-around digital planner that can sync in any device or app, ranging from smartwatches to browser extensions.

It’s easy to use with its neat and sleek interface. It comes with several viable functionalities beyond being a simple digital planner. For example, it can function as your reminder assistant.

Todoist comes with a business-oriented feature that allows you to create projects and tags for convenience, whether it is a trivial errand or a group meeting. You can also forward emails with the app.

While it is a free app, you can switch to its premium version if you want to get more features.

One thing that would probably bug users is the lack of calendar view. Users would also be put off with its slightly tricky project creator.


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