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Christmas and New Year are just a few months away. As these two events involve a lot of spending, saving money probably is the last thing that comes to your mind.

But with the pandemic changing the financial situation for many of us, it’s practical to spend wisely this year.

For those who are struggling with budgeting their income, here are some apps that can help you regulate your spending even during the holidays.

You Need a Budget

YNAB. Personal Budgeting Software for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

This app is designed for those who cannot get a hold of keeping a budget. It helps users manage their finances with features such as Bank Syncing, Debt Paydown, and Goal Tracking.

For those who need a comprehensive finance management app to get you out of debt and save more money, this is the app to download.

Daily Expenses

Daily Expenses 3 3.524.G Download Android APK | Aptoide

If you think going all your way to manually create a ledger for your expenses on a day to day basis through an excel sheet is impractical, don’t worry, Daily Expenses can do that for you instead.

The app allows you to record your expenses by date, which can be viewed weekly, monthly, or yearly reports.

Ipon: 52 Weeks Challenge

Ipon: 52 Weeks Money Challenge - Apps on Google Play

For those who find fun in time-limited challenges, this app might keep you motivated and stay on track.

Ipon: 52 Weeks Challenge prompts users to set a financial goal and track your savings through charts and progress. It also alerts you when it’s time to save cash.

Household Account Book

7 Best Expense Tracker Apps For Modern Day Adulting

For those who want to have better visuals and a gamified reward out of their budget to keep them in line with their budgeting journey, then look no further with House Hold Account book.

It features an adorable animal called Pisuke to its users and reveals his story, the more users log in their income and expenses. It comes with charts and a history of your payments so you can keep track and manage them better in the future.


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