Locked Folder feature available on Google Photos Android version


Google Photos’ Locked Folder feature has been out exclusively to Pixel phones. Now according to Android Police, this feature will start rolling out to Android phones as well.

This is not surprising, as Google announced last September it will be available to Android phones “soon.”

The Locked Folder feature on Google Photos allows users to gather chosen photos or videos and put them in a passcode or biometrics-locked folder. These locked media folders will be taken out of the main photo feed and keep them away from the cloud. As explained, this feature benefits anyone who wants to store their photos or videos privately online.

Users with Android 6 or later would be able to access this new feature by going to Photos > Library > Utilities.

As for the iOS version of Google Photos, Google teased it would be available soon next year.

For more questions or details about this new feature, check out Google’s Locked Folder support page.