Singapore-based wealth and asset management firm Lighthouse Canton announced establishing a capability to help better serve this growing market. This is in response to address investors’ challenges with their portfolios to ensure it aligns with their investment strategies and objectives.

It appointed a team of experts to provide private investment management services, including origination, book building, portfolio management, and reporting services to both existing and new clients.

The firm will set up investment management services and venture capital funds from the firm and employees. The fund will co-invest alongside client investors, thus sharing similar risks with clients. Funds predominantly be sector agnostic, it will primarily target tech-enabled companies in South-East Asia, China, and North America. It will also potentially select few transactions in other geographies in the future.

Since its inception in 2014, Lighthouse Canton has grown significantly in workforce and AUM. It employs over 90 full-time employees in Singapore, Dubai, and India. As of March, the company oversaw USD2.09 Billion of total assets under management and advisory.

The firm credits its growth to its belief in creating innovative financial solutions and sustainable partnerships with clients.

“Lighthouse Canton’s VC/PE vertical will be central in providing more clarity, transparency and control to clients on their investments and assets.” said Shilpi Chowdhary, Chief Executive Officer of Lighthouse Canton.

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