For this year’s IFA trade show, LG Electronics’ (LG) first-ever virtual exhibition, “Experience LG Like Never Before,” will be fun and interactive for users to experience how the company is making home life more relaxing, efficient, and rewarding.

There will be a realistic rending of Hall 18 of Messe Berlin that provides visitors a chance to explore the company’s latest innovations like they were there in the comfort of their own homes. There will be a virtual guide and tutorial that explains how to explore the booth as well as visitors to check and even try out all of LG’s products.

LG’s various cutting-edge home appliances and integrated services are up for display in seven dedicated zones, organized around the three themes of Health, Hygiene, and Convenience.

The virtual exhibition is done by the partnership between Unity Technologies’ Korea office and the video game company’s Unity engine.

Anyone is welcome to visit to enjoy LG’s IFA exhibition in all its virtual glory or download the LG Virtual Studio interactive mobile app available on Android or iOS devices.


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