LG Electronics joins IBM Quantum Network


IBM announced that LG Electronics joined the IBM Quantum Network to advance the industry applications of quantum computing.

“The relationship between IBM and LG Electronics will permit LG to explore new types of problems associated with emerging technologies and will help strengthen the quantum capabilities in Korea,” said Jay Gambetta, IBM Fellow and VP, Quantum Computing at IBM.

By joining the IBM Quantum Network, IBM will provide LG Electronics access to IBM’s quantum computing systems and its quantum expertise and Qiskit, IBM’s open-source quantum information software development kit. 

LG Electronics seeks to explore applications of quantum computing in the industry to support big data, artificial intelligence, connected cars, digital transformation, IoT, and robotics applications. By leveraging IBM Quantum technology, LG will provide workforce training to its employees, permitting LG to investigate how potential breakthroughs can be applied to its industry.

“We aim to provide customers with value that they have not experienced so far by leveraging quantum computing technology in future businesses,” said Byoung-Hoon Kim, CTO and Executive Vice President of LG Electronics.

Last November, IBM revealed its new ‘Eagle’ quantum computing processor with 127 qubits, a major step forward in IBM’s roadmap to reach Quantum Advantage.

To know more about IBM’s quantum computing technology, visit its official website