LG Tone Free FP9 Wireless Earbuds
LG Tone Free FP9 Wireless Earbuds. (Source: LG Electronics)

LG adds the LG TONE Free model to its FP9 Wireless Earbuds series. This edition builds upon the success of its predecessors and offers a slew of new improvements for users to have a unique experience.

LG TONE Free FP9 features Plug and Wireless, where the earbuds charging case acts as a wireless dongle for your earbuds to plug-in devices that don’t have direct Bluetooth features. Its USB-C AUX cable allows accessibility into mobile devices, computers, treadmills, and even airplane seats. As a result, LG TONE Free FP9 lets users enjoy true wireless freedom on the go without the limits of Bluetooth.

This new model also offers fewer noise thanks to its Enhanced Active Noise Cancellation feature. The newly improved driver can detect and cancel noise to create authentic high-fidelity expertise. This allows you to immerse in whatever you’re listening to completely. It also has a personalized ambient sound feature as a sound mode option, where you can switch between noise-canceling and the Ambient Mode.

LG Tone Free FP9 Wireless Earbuds. (Source: LG Electronics)

Meanwhile, when it comes to calls, the TONE Free is made for quality conversations. It has a three-mic array engineered to reduce ambient noise while picking up your voice. As a result, conversations feel more natural and crystal clear. Another new feature is the Chat Mode, which allows you to converse without taking out your earbuds. There is also Whisper mode, which lets you whisper on a call and still be heard loud and clear on the other end of the line.

The best part of this model is that it also covers up cleanliness. TONE Free’s UVnano Technology allows you to put your earbuds in the case to charge where it kills 99.9% of bacteria by 5 minutes.

LG’s TONE Free FP9 wireless earbuds is scheduled to release in the Philippines this October. LG e-commerce platforms will offer special introductory discounts for a limited time. Get PHP2,500 off from the PHP8,990 on Lazada from October 11-16 and Shopee from October 4-16.


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