Rise of the Sentinels

Riot Games announced a big summer event, Sentinels of Light, that will happen across all five of its games: League of Legends, League of Legends: Wild Rift, Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics, and Valorant. But for League of Legends, it will feature a visual-novel style experience, called Rise of the Sentinels.

According to the developers, Rise of the Sentinels aims to be “approachable for everyone” regardless they are new or veteran players. And because it is a story-focused variant, the event will feature several familiar faces from the game.

Following the character of a rookie Sentinel, players will reveal the mysteries behind Viego’s return and participate in the battle against him with other fellow Sentinels, such as Senna and Lucian. There will also be new faces joining them, including Vayne and Graves, among others.

As to why Riot Games chose to use visual novel format for the Rise of the Sentinels, they explained that they wanted to provide players the “chance to build personal relationships with these characters and make meaningful choices.” Visual novels are perfect to deliver such things, balancing individual player choices with an immersive narrative.

The event for League of Legends has already begun on July 8 and will run until August 10. Each chapter will take about five minutes to finish.

In addition, players also have access to a new mode called Ultimate Spellbook. Through this mode, players can use a second ultimate ability that causes explosively action-packed fights.


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