For the first time, Filipino lawyers across the country and overseas can finally have the alternative ways to comply with their Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) requirements online.

“In a nutshell, it’s like Netflix for lawyers. They now have the freedom to fulfill their MCLE requirements anytime and from anywhere, while learning from foremost legal experts. We choose the very best lecturers on specific subjects,” said Atty. Peaches Martinez-Aranas, founder of ACCESS.

“When lawyers enroll with ACCESS, lawyers can get “unlimited 24/7 access to these expert’s courses, gaining a legal resource library they can refer to again and again,” she added.

Atty. Martinez-Aranas said that unlike the orthodox way of taking the MCLE, ACCESS is self-paced, on-demand courses that make it fun to complete as they involve gamification.

The Philippines adopted online MCLE as it has become a necessity amid the new norm caused by the pandemic.

ACCESS is backed with the full support of the country’s top legal luminaries and partnership with Adamson University’s College of Law, in which its mission is to revolutionize quality continuing legal education in the country.

“We set the bar high because Philippine lawyers deserve to learn from the very best, at their own time, convenience, and safe space,” shared Martinez- Aranas.


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