The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a huge economic loss caused by the quarantine measures that affected different sectors.

While pandemics are no longer new, it has been a very long time since the last one had hit the Philippines to the point it suffered an economic recession.

For example, the Spanish Flu (H1N1 virus) in 1918 coincided with World War 1, killing approximately 85,000 people and causing an economic decline.

Comparing the Spanish Flu to COVID-19, today is more bearable with the help of the Internet and its related technologies.

These days, we have the alternative to continue working while stuck at home. Most white-collared employees settle for remote work arrangements while others can sell things on the Internet.

Moreover, the Internet helped businesses from micro to large industries maintain operational continuity. Businesses can set up online stores amid the pandemic, use contactless payment solutions and online delivery services.

The Internet offers a better opportunity for us to rise from the troubles much faster than those years when it was not yet available.

Nevertheless, COVID-19 also raises the challenges that we have in terms of Internet connectivity, urging us to fast-track digital transformation tp save our economy amid the pandemic.


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