Technology doesn’t come out of thin air. Innovations are an improvement of something or a combination of things that already exist.

Most innovations were created out of observing nature. Some inventions are actually based on animals.

Here are some of the notable examples:


Mosquitoes’ proboscis makes for an ideal non-invasive injection needle.

Ever remember being bitten by a mosquito before? You probably have not because you barely feel the bite.

Mosquitoes have a complex proboscis which consists of parts that work together to enter the human flesh and suck blood but without the sensation of pain.

This mechanism is being studied by scientists at Kansai University in Japan to create a needle that can penetrate skin with minimal pain.


The iridescent wings of a Morpho Butterfly made it possible for bank notes to be more secured.

Butterflies have always been known for having beautiful wings. What researchers at Simon Fraser University noticed, though, is its capability to bust counterfeit money.

They studied the wings of a Costa Rican morpho butterfly and came up with an anti-counterfeit technology stamp that uses nanoscale light-interfering structures.


Bullet train’s head was inspired by Kingfisher’s pointy beak used to hunt for prey.

Kingfishers are efficient predators, thanks to their streamlined beaks that minimize the impact by allowing the water to flow along. This inspired Eiji Nakatsu, an engineer and bird-watcher, to develop the bullet trains’ rounded front into kingfisher’s pointy beak.

Thanks to the little alteration, the bullet train can now travel at about 300 kilometers per hour or 185 miles per hour.


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