Riot Games recently released its multiplayer tactical first-person shooter variant that possesses similar gameplay as the renowned Counter-Strike while bringing something refreshingly fun to the table.

Hesitant Counter-Strike enthusiasts and professionals should give Valorant a shot. Read on to find out why.

Playing the Game

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CS gamers who had played Bomb Defusal in Counter-Strike: GO and had enjoyed it would also find Valorant engaging to play.

That’s pretty much the game’s objective: One attacking team will plant a bomb, or what’s known as the Spike, at an assigned location, then the other team will have to defend themselves and stop them.

The attacking teams will earn points if they had successfully planted the Spike, and the other team will earn points if they defuse the Spike or defend themselves until the time runs out. They will switch roles after 12 rounds.

Choosing “Agents”

Valorant Leaks & Updates on Twitter: "A clean design for Agents Selection Screen made by u/OttoPG What do you guys think? Riot Games should really consider adding it! #Valorant #VALORANTbeta…"

What attracts people to this game is mostly due to its unique take on choosing different “heroes” to play, each possessing various perks and roles. There are currently 12 available agents to play, with some locked ones required to grind hard to acquire them. There are four roles to categorize agents:

  • Sentinels act as defenders or support heroes.
  • Controllers come with various functions that could control the flow of the game.
  • Initiators are those who go recon or have crowd-control abilities.
  • Duelists serve as the offensive heroes in the game.

Then they are broken down to more specific specializations, namely, Support, In-game Leader, Entry Fragger, Lurker, Recon, and Crowd Control.


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Getting to know about the guns won’t be that hard for those who are already familiar with Counter-Strike, as you’ll see many of the firearms resemble the ones in the game, both in structure and functions. For instance, you can get the submachine guns to buy taking Spectre or the sniper rifles by taking Operator.

Players will start with a classic pistol. They can acquire better weapons by earning Creds, which brings as to the next subject.

Economy and Earning Creds

Understanding Valorant's economy | AllGamers

Valorant comes with a deliberate economy system. You can earn Creds as quickly as how you lose them. Players earn Creds in various ways, such as planting Spikes if you’re in the attacking team or defusing the Spikes if you’re in the defending team. But the real deal comes from winning rounds, which give you 3000 Creds.

If you lose, you lose 1900 Creds, and losing twice will rake you 500 Creds. You’ll receive, however, a 1000 bonus Creds if you failed thrice, so you won’t be bumped out losing consistently.

If a teammate is short on Creds, they can request items through their teammates. Items can be sold back, bringing more elaborate strategies on how you buy your weapons in certain situations.

You can also Force Buy to grant only the necessities or the Partial Buy that gives cheap weapons for a few team members.

Just like in Counter-Strike, having a stable economy and knowing when to purchase or hold back in the game are the main defining points to win the game.


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