IBM Eagle Processor
IBM Eagle Processor (source: IBM)

IBM recently announced its new 127-quantum bit (qubit) ‘Eagle’ processor, a breakthrough in tapping into the massive computing potential of devices based on quantum physics.

‘Eagle’ is IBM’s first quantum processor developed and deployed to contain more than 100 operational and connected qubits. It follows IBM’s 65-qubit ‘Hummingbird’ processor. The new quantum processor has more qubits, thanks to the latest techniques leveraged within Eagle place control wiring as it maintains the qubits on a single layer. This will be the first-ever IBM quantum processor that reaches the scale that makes it impossible for a classical computer to stimulate.

IBM Eagle Processor (source: IBM)

This is a new mark of hardware development where quantum circuits cannot be reliably simulated exactly on a classical computer.

The first ‘Eagle’ processor is available as an exploratory device on the IBM Cloud to select the IBM Quantum Network members.

IBM Quantum Development Roadmap (source: IBM)

Recently, IBM introduced detailed roadmaps for quantum computing, including a path for scaling quantum hardware to enable complex quantum circuits to reach Quantum Advantage, the point at which quantum systems can meaningfully outperform their classical counterpoints. Eagle is the latest step along this scaling path.

For a more technical description of the ‘Eagle’ processor, read this blog.


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