One of the largest computer hardware companies, IBM, revealed its top 5 AI forecasts for next year. AI would potentially address these critical aspects in 2022: Customer Care, Sustainability, the Potential of 5G, IT issues, and Security.

This is amid the ongoing pandemic and supply chain crises. Companies will always seek to use AI to advance further and boost their business by having a digital advantage.

Delivering on the Potential of 5G with AI

5G connectivity has enormous potential to advance industries ranging from streaming and communications to advanced robotics and manufacturing. This is because 5G is the latest generation of mobile connectivity.

To advance the rollout of 5G connectivity worldwide, communications services providers (CSPs) are turning to AI-powered automation and network orchestration to improve the control and management of networking to deliver faster customer experiences.

Customer Care uses AI to Get More Personal

During the pandemic, virtual assistants became a critical tool for large organizations and governments.

In 2022, consumers will notice more personalized and fully realized interactions with their favorite retailers and service providers as AI assumes an enormous impact on the customer care journey. What makes personalization attractive to people is having better access to more comprehensive data as companies and governments turn to data fabric architectures to help harness their data like never before.

AI Creates a Reliable, Sustainable Future

Consumers, regulators, and shareholders put tremendous pressure on companies to make tangible sustainability gains.

As climate change and extreme weather events continue to grow in 2022, AI will play a key role in helping businesses achieve sustainability benchmarks through greater measurement, data collection, carbon accounting, improved predictiveness, and more excellent supply chain resiliency.

Businesses reduce costs by applying AI to predict IT better issues – before they happen.

As stewards of an organization’s digital infrastructure, CIOs in 2021 were tasked with moving their workforces remotely, managing new types of security concerns as a result, and making sense of the explosion of data produced by modern applications, monitoring solutions, and increased use of digital channels by employees and consumers.

In 2022, AIOps will allow IT teams to quickly and confidently diagnose problems faster than they could manually, freeing them from laborious, time-intensive tasks to focus on delivering higher-value work for the organization. AIOps will also enable these IT teams to identify patterns in data that could ultimately indicate a potential issue could occur, getting ahead of IT issues before they happen.

A Continued Focus on Security

For AI to continue to advance in these areas, companies and organizations need to make progress in earning greater consumer trust.

In addition, as companies and governments continue to invest in cybersecurity, AI will play an even more crucial role in helping identify and respond to threats more efficiently as they move towards a “zero trust” approach to reduce risks further.


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