Huawei only have temporary license with its US partners, which has just expired.

While customers who purchased Huawei smartphones manufactured before May 16 2019 are still eligible to receive security updates from Google and general updates to Google apps, it can’t collaborate on any compatibility issues with Google’s apps during a software update.

It’s also likely that Huawei won’t be able to deploy Google apps with future updates including devices older than May 16 last year as Google must certify every update’s done by Huawei. This is not farfetched given that the US had imposed a trade ban in place.

What’s worse, while improbable, older Huawei devices might be cut off from Google’s support.

So far, both Huawei and the US Commerce Department hasn’t make a response on the issue, and no news forced old model Huawei owners helpless and anxious.


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