Huawei's aimed for a 5G-enabled automobile industry. Huawei Publications.

In line with normalizing the commercial use of 5G technologies in the industry, Huawei has partnered with 18 automakers to build a 5G-powered automobile ecosphere.

Huawei’s has partnered with automakers First Automobile Group, Chang’an Automobile, Dongfeng Motor Corporation, SAIC Motor Corporation, Guangzhou Automobile Group, BYD Auto, Great Wall Motors, Chery Holdings, and JAC Motors.

“Together with the deep convergence of automotive and ICT, intelligent connected vehicle emerges as a new revolutionary development engine of human society, with its impact goes far beyond the two industries themselves,” said Eric Xu, Huawei Rotating Chairman.

5G plays a crucial role in connected vehicles’ self-driving and entertainment capabilities due to its transmission speed, reliability, and low latency advantages.

As per GlobalData, Asia-Pacific will become the leading region for 5G tech adoption with 1.14 billion subscribers, accounting for 65% of global 5G subscriptions by 2024 that will significantly influence the segments like IoT and automobiles.

For several years, several international and domestic automotive firms have launched different innovations in self-driving, intelligent networks, and information services based on Huawei’s 5G products and solutions.

Huawei hopes that consumers will see the value of 5G technologies in automobiles.

“Huawei does not make cars. Based on ICT, Huawei aims to be a digital car-oriented and new-added components provider,” said Eric Xu.


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