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HP Inc. shared the results of the HP Small Business Owner Today Study, a reassessment that reports both the motivations and business ethics of company heads as well as their technology expectations. Essentially, the HP study highlighted family, purpose, and technology as the heart of modern Filipino businesses.

The study reveals that Filipinos are most likely to start and build a business aimed to pass it on to their family to ensure stable livelihood for future generations. About 80% of Filipino small business owners said that they have a duty to protect the environment and contribute to the community and  63% of Filipino small business owners see their printer as a technology partner, wanting it to perform tasks beyond just printing.

Technology-wise, most Filipino businesses believe in having a long-term investment in originality, sustainability, and community as key pillars of their business. And family is the core to everything Filipino small business owners do, stating that family is the reason behind putting up a business with an intention of providing a better life for their families. Most of them are also environment-conscious, agreeing that responsible owners uphold a duty to protect the environment and be contributors to the community.

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The study also revealed that Southeast Asians are more community-oriented and purpose-led, with the Philippines leading to be the most ‘We’-focused in the region, and they are more in-tune with technology in which they actively seek partnerships that will help their business soar.

“Even in the current environment, the Philippines holds a large potential for growth, fueled by an expanding entrepreneurial young and middle-class, an increasingly well-educated population and diverse economies. Through conversations with small business owners from these demographics, we see a real desire in Filipinos to do what’s right for their families, their communities and the planet,” said Christian Edmond Reyes, Philippines Managing Director of HP Inc.

“We share their values and are working hard to be their trusted technology partner as they build companies that have a life-changing impact. We continue to support this with PC and print innovation and services that help balance productivity and efficiency at work and quality time with their families.”


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