HP Inc. Philippines launched a guide of tech etiquette rules as Filipinos continue to work or learn from home amid the pandemic.

HP gives five tech etiquette rules to ensure a safe working and learning environment:

Be mindful of what shows in your computer screen

When working remotely, you never know who can hear you or see your screen, nor do you not want to unknowingly disclose private financial information or your next big business idea before executing it. HP’s’s’s fortified hardware on its PCs offers protection below, in and above the operating system, to prevent threats and ensure quick recovery in the event of a breach.

Avoid distractions during a virtual event

Make sure you avoid any distractions while having virtual engagements with colleagues, partners, clients, and the general public audience as a show of respect. This includes turning off unwanted notifications popping up on your screen, limit background noises as much as possible, and appease grumpy pets with treats before getting into that call.

Be cautious of the digital dress code

We get to skip all the traditional work routines for most people like getting dressed for work, as you all need at home and your computer. However, it is advisable to put effort into what you wear as this will not only help you get into “work mode” but protect you from embarrassing mistakes as, say, what happened to Good Morning America reporter Will Reeve.

Be responsibly responsive

Being responsibly responsive means giving value to how you communicate and connect with people when face-to-face meetings are not an option. So it’s vital to respond to messages as they come in to let the other party knows they’ve reached you.

Have a trusted technology partner

Observing these tech etiquette rules will not be enough if your devices do not keep up with micro-mobility requirements when working from home. To be able to perform at your best no matter where you are, you need the right tools to switch between work and play seamlessly.

For more information on how you can optimize your learning and working experiences from
home and remote work sites, please visit the official HP flagship store at Lazada and Shopee or
visit HP.com.


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