There has been an upheaval of how people do business because of the pandemic, as navigating the new normal is an uncharted territory for everyone. Adaptability became a vital trait for business to survive. For this, people took the opportunity to create content at the comfort of their home.

This is where LG comes in to provide tremendous value in getting aspiring content creators started. Namely, the UltraWide and UltraGear that are extremely versatile for having functionalities fitting for home office, streaming, and gaming purposes.

It’s these monitors that helped content creators like Eric “Eruption” Tai, Mikael Daez, Khalil Ramos, Arch. Llyan Austria, Mike of Making It Happen, and Direk Noel Guevara produce quality content for the past few months.

LG UltraWide monitor comes with an expansive 21:9 aspect ratio, allowing you to have a wide space to work with for editing footage or adding special effects. It eliminates color shift and color degradation when viewed in different angles. It also comes with a Dual Controller feature that allows users to control multiple devices on one screen, allowing for a seamless drag-and-dropping of files across devices.

It also features Up-scaled Work Efficiency Screen Split and PBP (Picture by Picture) Mode, that will both give users the freedom to customize their virtual office space as they see fit for optimum productivity.

Meanwhile, LG UltraGear monitor catered to rising eSports streamers, with its features and functionalities optimized for games requiring instantaneous decisions, such as RTS and FPS. Through its high refresh rate and fastest response time, gamers can further elevate their game plan to any battlefield during a pivotal match.

It also comes with a unique FreeSync technology, where gamers can experience fluid movement in hi-resolution and fast-paced games, making streaming all the more immersive and enjoyable.

As we head towards a New Year, #StaySmartStayHome is still the imperative thing to do. To face the new normal, all you need is LG.


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