Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of various industries and is now affecting our lives even without knowing it.

Social media platforms, like Facebook, are also using AI to enhance detection and removal of harmful content.

To improve security, Facebook has created a content policy team that maps out rules and regulations with the help of AI.

The social media giant also has a global operations team that enforces the rules and regulations by reviewing content, and a community integrity team that is responsible for putting all these together.

The gist of it is that AI on Facebook’s system absorbs all data, automatically analyzes, and detects harmful content patterns. These will serve as learning models that would help flag and filter content according to violation category.

The most critical categories are those that can cause direct harm like suicide, terrorism, and child exploitation. These types of content that violate community standards would be manually reviewed for thorough checking.

Facebook had to rely on its users to report harmful content or check things manually a long time ago. But as it continues to invest in AI, the social media giant speeds up the process of taking down dangerous and inappropriate content, enabling its teams to focus on more urgent or complicated content.


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