Photo by JC Gellidon. Unsplash.

The COVID-19 had brought out both the good and bad sides of the Philippines. The pandemic, while destructive, also paved the way for technologies to be more embraced in the country, thus making it shift toward the new normal. The realities of our poor Internet connectivity were finally addressed.

With the introduction of 5G network by our telcos, the Philippines can now move forward and upward. 5G covers and changes not only how we enjoy our connectivity, but it also affects the many other areas of our lives.

The first and foremost that we will see drastically changing is the way we utilize communications. Long gone are the days of SMS texting, as we’re familiarizing ourselves not only with online messaging but with video conferencing to communicate.

With 5G, video conferencing will be much more emphasized and strengthened, thanks to its low latency and more robust bandwidth. Our video chats will be less laggy and more real-time.

5G will also change how we share and circulate data or information. If you think that everything is already instant these days, then the onset of 5G will double that speed. In a 5G network, data will be 100 times faster than before, making it more capable to support new technologies such as robotics, AI, Internet of Things (IoT), and even cryptocurrency, among others.

5G will also empower Filipinos and uplift the pandemic-struck economy in the long run. The next-generation network will serve as a new additional foundation for many new business ideas in the future to benefit businesses, public and private sectors, organizations, and communities as a whole. 5G is a timely technology amid the ongoing health crisis and will help us carve a better normal in the near future.


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