The House committee on information and communications moved to make 10Mbps the minimum standard for Internet connection speed in the Philippines.

Authored by Muntinlupa City Representative Ruffy Biazon, House Bill No. 38 instructs the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) to require Internet service providers (ISPs) to deliver a minimum Internet connection speed of 10Mbps for all consumers of their services.

Biazon added that addressing data packet loss is equally necessary.

The congressman admitted that there are “unintended consequences” in the passage. Still, he reasoned that “many years of disappointments that consumers had experienced” due to unsatisfactory service of the telecommunications sector caused the bill to be made.

“We caution on the writing of a law that specifies numerically what minimum speeds are. Instead, we should focus on actual enforcement on whether or not subscribers get what they were promised,” Biazon stressed.



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