Among the activities that Millennials have always been doing even amid the “new normal” are taking photos. And with smartphones like the Vivo V19 Neo that features super night mode and super night selfie tech, such passion for photography for igniting the night can become a reality.

While night shots are tricky to master, there are plenty of everyday objects to use as subjects for everyone to practice. Here are some examples to master your craft in night photography:



A play in a shadow would put colorful items in the spotlight. Trying pairing a nightly dark background that with your vibrant homemade creations as a foreground- you’ll undoubtedly produce a stunning food portrait akin to those shot for five-star restaurants.


The night sky

Do you lack the props to take a stunning night sky photo? With the Vivo V19 Neo’s super night mode with advanced noise reduction, you can practice your astrophotography skills and bag that perfect picture of the Milky Way. Schedule for the upcoming meteor showers this year and time your shots accordingly.


City skyline

For those living in high-rise condominiums and apartments, a skyline illuminated by buildings and cars traversing through the city is another fantastic view to capture. And with the use of Vivo V19 Neo’s ultra-wide mode, you can shoot the entire nightly skyline via its 8MP wide-angle lens.

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As beautiful it is in the daytime, nature is even more stunning in the night. May it be the grass, the trees, and the small plants you spot near or far from your home, they can be the perfect stars in your nighttime photo shoots. Use trees as a striking foreground for the night sky or drizzle some water on the grass and leaves to capture the majestic glow as they glisten.


Perhaps the most exciting subject on the list, Vivo V19 Neo’s 32MP selfie camera, takes pride in the person behind the scenes. With the front camera’s super night selfie mode, you need not worry about looking your best self even under dim lighting.


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