Tech giant Google announced new changes in its products and other utility platforms. Following the new storage space limitations in Google Photos, the company is also applying new storage policies to Gmail and Google Drive.

Google users who are inactive for two years in any of the products will have their content deleted effective by June 1, 2021. Users who have gone beyond their storage limit for two years will also lose their content.

Google One users, however, will not be affected by this new policy as long as they did not exceed the storage quota in the platforms and remain in good standing.

There will be no problem if you’re not an inactive member or not going above your storage limit for two years.

While this policy coming into effect by June 1, 2021, Google assured it wouldn’t be enforced immediately. At its earliest, the policy may be applied by 2023 on the same day.

Even after the June deadline, users who are subject to the new policy will be notified via email before the removal of any content. In the case of deleted content, users can still sign in to their respective accounts.

Google clarified that the new policy applies only to the services mentioned. Other services such as Google Workspace, G Suite for Education, and G Suite for Nonprofits will remain in the same policy.


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