As part of its efforts to help nations transition to remote learning, technology giant Google’s philanthropic arm will provide $250,000, or around P12.5 million, in the Philippines.

The Distance Learning Fund initiative of selected the project of the Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication (AICJ) and INCO Education Accelerator for the Philippines that will implement a capacity building program for the education sector to deliver distance learning in the country.

The capacity building program focuses on two modes of distance learning: online-based and module-based, coupled with text messages and regular consultations.

From the survey of the Department of Education (DepEd), initial results showed that most parents prefer module-based education, reflecting on the lack of gadgets and internet connectivity for millions of students in the country.

Under the program, AIJC will train at least 250 public high school teachers relevant for distance learning. The program will also cover the planning, production, and selection of digital and printed teaching-learning materials.

Google Philippines and DepEd also collaborated to support teachers and students in public schools transition to distance learning with the national deployment of G Suite for Education, a set of free productivity tools for teaching and learning.


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